hit tracker Dave Shields Author Blog: August 2006

A journal detailing my efforts to launch my career as a novelist. The goals are to share info about succeeding in this field with other aspiring authors, to provide updates to the many supporters who have asked me for them, and ultimately to build the momentum necessary to assure success in this venture.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Two Great Weeks

I had a very successful Tour of Utah two weeks ago, then followed it up with what was to be a relaxing vacation in Sun Valley. My publicist, however, had different ideas. She asked if I'd be willing to do a signing at Iconoclast Books in Ketchum, Idaho while I was on my trip. I agreed and before I even had my bearings she'd arranged a date along with newspaper, radio, and television interviews.

Book store signings can be rough. Ask any author. That's why I was thrilled to find people already waiting for signatures when I arrived half an hour early. By the time I started speaking the place was packed to capacity and we had a very interactive hour long discussion. When I finished they gave me a standing ovation.

Another fun detail: While riding my bike on Old Dollar Road near the heart of Sun Valley I had a major flashback. More than thirty years ago I had my first really bad bicycle crash on this very same road. We were on a family vacation and I trying to show off to my cousin how I could ride down a hill with no hands. I succeeded for a time, but unfortunately I ultimately used my face as a brake. Oh well. It turned out for the best as I've now used that and many other slides for life as research for my books.