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A journal detailing my efforts to launch my career as a novelist. The goals are to share info about succeeding in this field with other aspiring authors, to provide updates to the many supporters who have asked me for them, and ultimately to build the momentum necessary to assure success in this venture.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Side Benefits

One of the side benifits of all this promotion has been the numerous opportunities to meet cycling's superstars. Some of them have even been kind enough to endorse my book and many others have promised to read it. Along the way I've had conversations with Marty Jemison, Lance Armstrong, Bob Roll, Phil Liggett, George Hincapie, Frankie Andreu, Tyler Hamilton, Levi Leipheimer, Dan Osipow, Chris Carmichael, Gary Fisher, Floyd Landis, Dave Zabriski, Bobby Julich, Eddie Merckx, Axel Merckx, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, Jamie Paolinetti, Eric Saunders, and more. What an honor it has been to have men like these share their time with me. What an inspiring group!

There have been other prominent people like Mark Victor Hansen, Richard Paul Evans, and Rupert Gee of David Letterman fame. There are a bunch of other celebrities who have written me, but I won't mention them here because the world doesn't know that they are celebrities yet, but they will soon. I was especially moved by a series of e-mails from the daughter of Viktor Frankl. He's an inspirational man who died a few years back. If you haven't read his book, "Man's Search for Meaning" about his experiences in Auschwicz, make sure you do it soon. It's a masterpiece!

Then there are the thousands of readers who have written telling me their impressions of my book. Many of them have shared their personal reasons for being moved by my book along with their encouragement for a sequel. I'm so honored whenever anyone takes the time to write, and I always write back. If you haven't yet, please send me a note. I'd love to hear from you.


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