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Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've had a very cool experience this week. A year and a half ago a guy named Rob Barfus wrote me a note about The Race and introduced me to a Web site called BikeJournal.com. I ended up participating in some of their message board discussions about my book, and got a taste of what a unique community it is. The guy who runs it, a cyclist who goes by Slatz, has built everything around setting cycling goals and building relationships. He's constantly making improvements of one sort or another.

I returned to the site a week ago to let them know about the progress of my new book and they welcomed me with open arms. I mentioned that my cycling training had suffered considerably because of my efforts to write and market cycling books. What a paradox. The next thing I know, one of the members has anonymously purchased a membership for me. Among other things, that means I get a little bar graph next to my name showing what my riding mileage goal is for the year. So suddenly I have monster motivation to get into the sort of shape I ought to be in. I want to thank that anonymous person for the kick in the butt, and I look forward to participating on BikeJournal.com.
Dave Shields


Blogger IronGambit said...

haha that's a good story right there ;)
I am going to add you to my links for bloggers if that's ok with you! :)

9:18 PM

Blogger j said...

From Bike Journal, I found your link and bought the books (3). No, not from Ghana, but I just bought them from here in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. where I'm working for 4 weeks and longing for a good read. But the Colorado ship to address will unite books and I upon my return - looking forward to it.

6:37 PM


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