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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why I Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Today a reader who says he loved The Race asked me why my sequel won’t be out until 2006. I responded, then realized that I ought to post the letter to my blog. I think it answers some of the recurring questions I get. Hopefully it also gives some insight into the reasons for changing my marketing strategy. I used to hide the fact that I was self-published because, for some people, that has a negative connotation. They believe it means that the book isn’t very good. That’s not what it means at all. I’ve read some great self published stuff, and hope you’ll agree that my book fits in that category. If I waited for one of the big houses to pick it up I’d still be waiting.

Hey Fred,
Thanks for the compliment. That's very kind of you. My posts here won't delay the new book though. As a matter of fact, the sequel is already in third draft form. There are all sorts of quirks to the publishing industry (getting into the distribution system requires lots of lead-time), my writing process (I still have to get to Europe to ride the roads I've written about in the new book for instance), and my efforts to promote the current book (I can't afford to write for purely my own entertainment), that dictate this timetable.

As to my time on Daily Peloton, I do a lot of lurking around this place. The ideas tossed about in this group are often the perfect remedy to writer's cramp. I owe you all a thank you in advance for inspiring a variety of twists and turns in the new novel. I think you're going to like them. In the mean time, a million thank you's for continuing to spread the word about "The Race." With the help of you and people like you I've sold nearly 10,000 copies. That's no-where near best-seller status, but it's light years beyond what the average self-published novel does. Several industry insiders have told me that I've already accomplished the impossible. If I can keep up the momentum I'll eventually force the New York publishing industry to take notice and buy these books from me. Turning some of the publicity tasks over to someone who has the influence to get the book noticed will mean that I can devote a lot more of my time to writing and you won't have to wait so long next time around. Same goes for Hollywood.

So until I discover the keys to truly breaking through, sorry about the delay,
Dave Shields


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