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Saturday, February 04, 2006

I'm big in Ghana. Well... at least among the criminals.

You know that Jerry Lewis is big in France (my question is, why?), and you may have heard that Donny's little brother, Jimmy Osmond, is huge in Japan. Well, for a brief moment my turf was Ghana. I got several orders for books from that West African country this morning. Unfortunately, when I ran the credit cards they came up with errors such as "Reported Lost or Stolen," and "Not a Valid Credit Card."

The good news is, not long ago I also learned of a legitimate deal in the Czech Republic. This one makes more sense because cycling is big in Eastern Europe. My wife and I visited Prague years ago and we have wonderful memories of the place. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, we found ourselves in the middle of an amazing parade from the Prague Castle. One group of partiers even carried my wife down the hill above their heads. It was unforgettable! I'm very happy that my first foreign translation will be in that wonderful country. So, instead of trying to figure out what Third World identity thefts want with my books, I'm going to head out to the mailbox and check if my checks from the Czechs have arrived.


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