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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Book Peddler- That's Me

I'm finally figuring out ways to get a little in-the-saddle-time mixed in with my promotional efforts. There are few things better than riding a bike through some of the most scenic terrain on earth. I recently returned from a wonderful cycling adventure at the Moab Skinny Tire Festival. Here's photographic proof. Notice how I'm putting most of my weight on my right leg. Sure, that overhang has been there for several million years. It won't stay forever, though. No need to tempt fate.

By the way, I'm wearing my one of a kind Banque Federale cycling jersey in this shot. I need to figure out how to mass produce it, but more importantly I need to figure out if they would sell. Yet another thing to add to my to-do list.


Blogger K. Todd Storch said...

What an awesome pic!

You've got to frame that one for your office!


2:40 PM

Blogger Dave Shields said...

Unfortunately it was taken with a camera phone. The resolution is about one pixel per square foot.

8:39 PM


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