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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Life is Going Downhill

Finally, this past weekend, I found the time to ski. What a fabulous way to get your head straight! I actually went twice. One was a wonderful powder day with my dad. He's an amazing skier and I love to hit the slopes with him. The other was with my seven year old and my two and a half year old daughters. They are a couple of shred Betties, and even harder to keep up with than my dad. Just keeping track of their gear is a full time job.

I did find some time to think about where the book deal stands. So far we fielded rights inquiries from five countries and a potential movie. At one point I thought a sale to an American publisher was imminent, but that deal seems to have been pushed to the back-burner for reasons that have never been clear to me. I'd love to see all of these things come to fruition, though I'm rapidly learning that even the simplest looking deals are exceedingly complex. I'll continue to do everything I possibly can to make these deals happen.


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