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A journal detailing my efforts to launch my career as a novelist. The goals are to share info about succeeding in this field with other aspiring authors, to provide updates to the many supporters who have asked me for them, and ultimately to build the momentum necessary to assure success in this venture.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Salt Lake City Here I Come!

I can't wait to get home to my wife and daughters. It's been an incredibly productive trip, selling books at three races, winning the Ben Franklin, and having amazing meetings and experiences in two days at Book Expo America. One of the parts I love the most is when readers stop by to tell me what they thought of my novels. Maybe I wouldn't be so crazy about that if they weren't enjoying it so much. It's a cool experience, though, to see how messages from my book have been translated in different people's lives. I'd like to thank all of you who have read my book, and especially those who have recommended it to others. By that process, I'll eventually break through into this crazy business.


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