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Monday, April 18, 2005

Bumped by the Pope

No, this isn't a story of a brush with greatness. It's my excuse for not being on CNN this morning. Everything was set, then they decided that they needed to take my time slot with an update of the Papal election. Darn.

The atmosphere here in Georgia is electric, made more so by Armstrong's retirement announcement today. This year's Tour de France will be his last race. I was in the room, and was impressed by his determination to go out a winner, and by his reluctance to leave competitive cycling behind. It was clear that he recognized his time has come, though, and you have to respect a guy for knowing that.

Tomorrow the exciting part of this trip begins. I'll be in a vehicle in advance of the cyclists, signing books and helping to sell souveniers. It should be quite a ride. I can't wait!


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