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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Two days ago I met Dave Zabriskie's family. They've been glued to the television set like so many of us, but they obviously have a lot more at stake. They also have daily (at least) conversations with the Z Man himself. It was fun to hear the inside scoop. Not surprisingly, Dave remains 100% committed to supporting Ivan Basso. But at the time, he was also dreaming of staying in the yellow jersey for a day or two more.

Then, this morning, tragedy struck. Only 1200 meters from the finish of another epic performance, his chain derailed. Dave was putting so much force into the pedals that the sudden lack of resistance practically flipped the bike over. He went down hard. X-rays have confirmed no broken ribs, but the road rash is severe and the bruises are deep.

Dave will race tomorrow's stage, but who knows what sort of effect such a tremendous collision with the pavement is going to have on him. His accomplishments so far virtually insure that the camera will remain on him. I look forward to seeing what it has to show.

The race has heated up for me, too. I'm doing lots of radio and television interviews, including another appearance on CNN tomorrow morning. I love teaching people about this incredible sport, and I'm grateful for the continuing opportunities.


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