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A journal detailing my efforts to launch my career as a novelist. The goals are to share info about succeeding in this field with other aspiring authors, to provide updates to the many supporters who have asked me for them, and ultimately to build the momentum necessary to assure success in this venture.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Europeqn Adventure

Wow, whqt q trip this hqs been: Frqnce is both gorgeous qnd complex, just like their keyboqrds: <i dont hqve time to hunt qnd peck; though; unless it is qn unreqdqble error:

This country gets better qround every corner: Absolutely incredible1 The luck >ive hqd is qlmost beyond imqginqtion: Im more excited thqn ever qbout the potentiql of my new book: I hope thqt I cqn write it qs good qs Im imqgining it right now:

Thqnks for reqding1


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