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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jet Lagged?

I arrived in NYC this morning after taking the red eye from Salt Lake City. Although I got almost no sleep, I had a ton of energy. I took the train into town, set up my computer, and started watching streaming Danish Television video of today's stage with Eurosport audio. I was thrilled that everything worked so well.

Then, just as things got exciting my computer started experiencing the effects of too much travel and too little sleep. Crash after crash after crash. I'd get problem solved, hear a bit of what was going on, and then it would go haywire again. I'd spend another half an hour repairing things and repeat the process. Aaarrggghhh!

I could see enough to know that Armstrong was spectacular. As in six of the last seven Tours, he put the competition away on the first big mountain stage. Sure, there are a couple of guys within reach, but he's a far superior time trialist to any of them. This guy is on another planet, both physically and mentally. He's inconceivably strong in both areas.

If you want to be able to tell your children that you watched the best Tour de France rider ever, you'd better tune in now. I can't think of another athlete or team who has so dominated an event. Other than in 2003, Lance hasn't merely won each year. He's crushed and demoralized all contenders. In 2003 all he did was prove that no matter how deeply he is forced to dig for victory, he can do it. Hail to "The Boss."

The question is, what's a guy with such an insatiable appetite for victory going to do in retirement? I'll make you a bet. He won't ride off quietly into the sunset.


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