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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Ford Tour de Georgia!

My preconceptions of Georgia were shattered two years ago when I attended the Dodge Tour de Georgia. I had never dreamed it was such a beautiful state, and I was amazed to discover what a perfect place it is to hold a bicycle race. It included some of the most selective mountain climbs I've ever seen. They aren't as long as those in the western US or Europe, but they are incredibly steep. Along the way massive crowds inspired the cyclists. The weather was perfect, and I signed lots of copies of The Race.

When I returned last year it was as if the copies I'd already sold in Georgia had germinated demand, and though the weather was anything but perfect this time (I signed books in rain and even snow), I sold out of books a day and a half before the event ended.

This year the event has a new sponsor- amazingly, a major competitor of the previous sponsor. I'm thrilled that the organizers secured the future of this great race, and I'm excited for my third annual trip to the back roads of Georgia. I can't wait to share my new novel with the fans.


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