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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Deja Vu in Georgia

I'm at the Tour de Georgia for my third consecutive year, and the mad dash across the state is bringing back so many memories. I keep finding myself on streetcorners that I have vague memories of from year's past. This is really an amazing event, and from my perspective a headlong hurtle across the state. We typically get to sleep after 1 am and wake before 7 am. In between we set up a T-shirt booth in the start city, I plaster the area with fliers about my book, then I sell-sell-sell, then we break everything down and I collect as many of my fliers as I can before jumping into the van to head for the finish. Our van has four passengers but only two seats, so I sit in a lawn chair in the back. A wall of merchandise in cardboard boxes sways around behind me and I have to push the boxes back from time to time. If it sounds to you like an accident waiting to happen, you probably have a good sense of things. Once we arrive in the finish city our booth is already set up by an advance crew, and then I sell-sell-sell again, and finally we tear things down, re-load the vans from our supply trucks, and then drive to the next start city. Exhausting, but fun!


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