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Thursday, June 29, 2006

For My Next Trick...

When I wrote The Race, about a Utah cyclist winning the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, there weren't even any hot prospects from Utah capable of accomplishing that, but last year Dave Zabriskie came out of nowhere and became the third American in history to wear yellow.

So then I wrote The Tour. It's about a drug scandal with major impacts on the cycling world. Have you read the headlines lately? The coincidences with my fictional story are almost too bizarre to believe. Are the stories I dreaming up somehow impacting the future?

Anyway, I've got this new idea for a book. It's about an ambitious novelist living in Salt Lake City whose career hits the big time when he stuns the literary world by winning the Pulitzer Prize. I'd better be very accurate about where this guy lives, because it would be really wierd if my neighbor (who works for the utility company) suddenly found himself the recipient of a Pulitzer.


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