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Monday, June 19, 2006

Words as Wildfire

It's an exciting time! I'm hearing from media sources daily about positive reactions to The Tour. As the buildup for the 2006 race continues, momentum keeps building. At first we met with hesitation on the part of some media outlets to review a novel dealing with doping. Maybe this was because people don't tend to see drugs as an entertaining subject. The whole topic feels dirty. People demand entertainment above all else from their novels, and feared that this story would be depressing. But as word that The Tour is unlike anything previously written about the world of performance enhancers has gotten out, the rave reviews have begun to roll in. We know of two major ones that will be released soon. In the mean-time, check out this recently published opinion. I think the reviewer hit the nail on the head. Educating fans about why the problem exists is the first step to creating a solution. I'm proud that my book is now being seen in this light.


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