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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Here's to the Readers!

Tonight I'm attending an event for my book hosted by Ben Driggs, a high school friend. He ran fliers around his neighborhood and passed them out to his clients as well, telling them how much he enjoyed my books and how certain he is that they will, too. What an incredible thing to do!

Yesterday four separate readers followed up with me on cycling events they hoped I could attend. Each one introduced me to the organizers and put in a good word to help me land the gig. There's no way I can adequately express my grattitude.

Earlier today my Web site got a deluge of hits from a cycling chat board I'd never heard of before. I followed the links backward and discovered some great discussion about my novel. I'm so thankful to people who take the time to spread the word.

Also today the first Amazon customer review showed up for The Tour. When I finally hit the big time it will be thanks to people like the reader who wrote that review who the credit should go to. People who take the time to let others know about books they love are the reason that new authors are able to crash the party from time to time.

If anybody ever asks me how I got my big break I'll let them know that what I really got were a million little breaks, thanks to people who love books, bikes, or both. Thank you all!


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