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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Book Expo America!

If you're an author and are in need of some good luck there's no better place to put yourself than at Book Expo America. A million great things happened to me in the last four days. Here's an example:

I was one of about 250 participants in a panel discussion. The speakers included a prominent book reviewer, two top authors, a well known publisher, a publicist, and a top-notch independent bookseller. The audience included numerous industry movers and shakers. I raised my hand and asked a question relating my novels to the discussion. To my surprise and joy, the bookseller responded, "Are you the author of The Race? I love your book. I sell it alongside Armstrong's and recommend it often." Wow! What a gift to receive an endorsement like that in front of such a prominent crowd.

Needless to say, it led to a very nice discussion with the reviewer afterwards, as well as numerous conversations with other influential people. Something good is certain to come of it. And that's just one of many great situations I found myself in. Check out this page for a peek at a great endorsement that came directly as a result of attending this conference for three straight years. I have more irons in the fire than ever before. Something great is going to happen soon. Stay tuned.


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